Tangible Benefits

What we bring to the table..
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We will be hosting many events where only our holders will be rewarded. ($DGANG Airdrops, Free merchandise, Partnership’s collaborations rewards, etc.)

Clothing Brand:

  • Holders will have special benefits such as discounts and unique ownership to our limited-edition clothing line created just for them in our online store, while the public will have access to the rest of our collection available worldwide.
  • Each NFT holder that acquire a Limited-Edition Style will be invited to our Annual Boat Party

Real Life Events:

  • VIP holders boat parties:  Each year during a selected Season DSG Holders of NFT + Clothing Pieces, will be invited to our Sunny Sea Parties.
  • Networking Parties: place for meeting like-minded holder mates to discuss, grow together and have fun.

De Sunny Gang Studio:

De Sunny Gang team plans to build their own Space to ensure you will keep wearing the dopest clothing in the blockchain ecosystem by growing our team of experts. 

De Sunny Gang DAO:  

De Sunny Gang COMMITTEE:  We want De Sunny Gang project to be ruled by the community. We outline the mechanism which holders will maintain the protocol of the project along with De Sunny Gang committee, including the type of changes that it could be implemented. So, you kind of become a leader of this gang.

Token Creation:

$DGANG will be De Sunny Gang native token and there are many different things you will be able to do with it. The main priority of our team is the Token sustainability so we are thinking on the best way to release it, when ready DE SUNNY GANG COMMITTEE will decide which economy model will be chosen for our project. (More information will be revealed soon).

Staking/Passive Income:

Staking/Passive Income: We always will reward our Gang. What about receiving passive income in our native token $DGANG? As we said before, we want to create a long-term sustainable economy model where our gang must be secure. so again, we will choose on the best sustainable economic model with DE SUNNY GANG COMMITTEE.