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Our 7 years of industry experience are merged together to innovate on the web3.
​ We are a Crypto lifestyle brand that represent the next gen culture by connecting the digital & physical world. The Luxury clothes already Designed on each NFT, will be accessible to acquire in our Online Store under a Sustainable Business Model a few months after minting. Afterwards, we will be constantly offering raffles to our Investors with a style of our Wearable Art Clothing Collection.
Our NFTs depicts a gang from the modern world in a cartoon style connecting with the viewer’s senses through “op art” movement. On the other hand, our Designed NFT clothing supports the sustainable movement and every reckless & misfit individual while reshaping a nostalgic style. So, don't expect to be buying another meaningless NFT.
We created a world where we are all vibing free, so our investor's satisfaction is one of our main priorities. With the creation of our Token $DGANG we will create unlimited holders benefits from Passive Income to Giveaways and more...

As the gang grows we look to expand globally by amplifying our vision

We plan on expanding our inside Team of experts with the creation of "De Sunny Gang Studio", and strenghtening our long term loyalty with the B2B sales of our collections. Also, IRL events plays a big part of our Agenda, so.. be ready to have a bit of fun in here.

Ok, so you now may be wanting to hear more in depth about our Utilities

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